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Parish/General Ministries


Cape Verde Women

This group is an independent group who utilize the Blessed Sacrament facilities to promote the cultural awareness for people of Cape Verde descent. They provide scholarships for Cape Verdean children and promote the language of the homeland. Blessed Sacrament is proud to have many members of Cape Verdean descent and encourage them to continue bringing their culture gifts to the community at large. For more information on this group contact Dr. Koreen Paul.



Hall Rental

We are blessed to have a basement that can be rented for your various needs. Many people rent our hall for: Showers, Birthdays, Parties, Dinners, Fundraisers, Public Awareness. Renting of the space is a service we provide within guidelines. The space is not rented during the month of July. We reserve the right to refuse rental to any group that does not meet our guidelines (remember this is still a sacred space).  Rental is on a first come, first serve basis and you are not guaranteed rental until all paperwork and deposits have been obtained.  We also reserve the right to limit the hours of operation.   We have many add on's that will make your renting experience a success.  Renters are also responsible for purchasing a separate insurance policy through Catholic Mutual. Please click the link below for more information.

Parish Rental Form



We are blessed to have such beautiful grounds and we take pride in our natural beauty. The grounds of the church are maintained by volunteers and we welcome new members.  Our members mow, rake, weed, trim, edge and do minor repairs. If you are interested in helping this committee, please see Fr. Reggie Norman.






Parish Nurses

There is no such thing as retirement for our Parish Nurses. They gladly screen for diabetes and check blood pressures at all of the masses on the last Sunday of the month or by appointment.  This ministry ensures that we keep our parishioners healthy.  For more information, contact Anne Finley.